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Tourism in the Pyrenees

The main sources of income in the Pyrenees are tourism, especially in Andorra, the Aran Valley and the Cerdanya, as well as livestock and other agricultural activities. The tourism in the Pyrenees is alpine tourism based on winter sports, especially skiing, but also hiking, ecotourism and rural tourism in general.

However, some places have additional attractions to nature or ski resorts. The Boí valley has a group of Romanesque churches classified as world heritage site. In Andorra, the Madriu-Perafita-Claror valley also has this distinction, as well as a very popular Romanesque route. Prada and Northern Catalonia use their cultural particularity as a tourist attraction, and so does the Iparralde. Conflent and Cerdanya main attractions are their tourist Yellow Train (Tren Groc), and the citadels of Montlluís and Vilafranca, which are also a World Heritage Sites. Lourdes, in Gascony, is a world pilgrimage center. More about tourism in the Pyrenees


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