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It was a unique trip that has revolutionized the world of polar science by reaching the heart of Antarctica with an Aeolian vehicle, totally environmentally sustainable, said Spanish explorer, Manuel Olivera

A group of Spanish explorers and research assistants presented their film Antarctica Unexplored 2018-2019 at the Mountain and Travel Film festival in Andorra. The expedition team included four people: the leader of the expedition Ramón Larramendi (one of the greatest polar explorers in the world; the protagonist of the Mapfre Circumpolar Expedition, which covered 14,000 km in three years; author of the Inuit WindSled project, with which he has already traveled more than 20,000 km in the Arctic and Antarctica) and his colleagues Ignacio Oficialdegui (expert engineer in renewable energy), Hilo Moreno (guide and assistant at the Spanish Antarctic base of Juan Carlos I) and Manuel Olivera (expert industrial engineer). More


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